Choosing your private concierge in Paris requires an in-depth investigation. Thanks to our article, you will have all the keys in hand to find the ideal luxury concierge!

Everything you need to know to choose your private concierge in Paris!

Being a private concierge in Paris is above all an art before being a profession. The concierge is a profession steeped in history. It goes far beyond simply booking an airport transfer to the Marais or reserving a place of choice at the Opéra Garnier. Do you want to take full advantage of the City of Lights thanks to the services of a luxury concierge?

Of a discreet nature, the luxury private concierge will not necessarily implement a great marketing strategy. This is why you must take the time to investigate. This article is a guide to choosing the right private concierge in Paris.

Is he in love with Paris?

If you wish to make the best of your stay in Paris, you must select a concierge deeply in love with the French capital. The latter must be able to offer you tailor-made addresses according to your tastes and his in-depth knowledge of Paris.

A true luxury concierge in Paris will be able to recommend you and have the necessary network to make you discover more than tourist attractions. He/she is an epicurean passionate about refined cultural and culinary experiences. In other words, your private concierge in Paris must be a lover of the French “art de vivre” !

Thus take the time to study the communication of the concierges before selecting one. Does he/she highlight some Paris addresses that are difficult to access ? Does he/she share unusual places ? How does he/she speak of the City of Lights ?

Do not hesitate to ask him/her about his/her tastes. You will be able to better understand his/her personality and see if it suits your requirements or those of your client.

What is his concierge training?

Historical know-how

After the fall of the monarchy in France, concierges found their place in large hotels and palaces. They have become magicians of the shadows, able to fulfill all the wishes of their customers.

This ability to respond to demand in record time with discretion and courtesy cannot be improvised.

Although rare, there are several universities in France that are renowned for being the best in the world.


FPE Hotel Conciergerie in Toulouse

First of all, the most famous training in France. In 2006, the Clefs d'Or professional association launched its first FPE Conciergerie d'Hôtel training in partnership with the Lycée des professions de l'hôtellerie et de tourisme d'Occitanie in Toulouse. This one-year course is the benchmark for concierge school. It transmits the know-how of the luxury concierge  service. Future private concierge do two compulsory internships in one of the 5-star hotels or palaces that are partners in the training.


Bachelor specialized in concierge from ICI-ICARE

Then, the Institut de Conciergerie Internationale based in Paris has a full course in luxury hotels and restaurants. The specialization of the third year of the bachelor allows you to become a confirmed luxury concierge. The bachelor luxury management concierge specialization trains international hotel concierges, private concierges, butlers, corporate concierges and personal assistants. This last year of tuition offers 6 months of study then 6 months in immersion.

By the way, I also followed this course and I am particularly proud to have been part of the 2009 promotion.


The references of your private concierge in Paris

Les Clefs d’Or

The National Union of Hotel Concierges was founded at the end of the 1920s with the aim of creating a solid network of outstanding concierges. The two golden keys pinned on the frock coat are today the sign of the elite of luxury concierges.

If the private concierge in Paris has been part of the Clefs d'Or network or has followed the FDE "Hotel Concierge", this means that they have the address book and the skills to serve you best during your Parisian stay.

Today Les Clefs d'Or brings together 400 concierges in France and more than 4,000 around the world.


The luxury hotel concierge 

The founder of the Clefs d'Or network, Pierre Quentin, was himself the concierge of the Hotel Amabassador near the Paris Opera. The hotel concierges take great care of hotel guests before, during and after their stay in the City of Lights. They know how to anticipate requests before their arrival. Once the client has left, the palace concierge is still available and can, for example, send left-over belongings.

The hotel concierge makes it possible to centralize all of the services offered, both those of its accommodation and those of the outside world.


The concierge of bank cards


Banks provide their most prestigious clients with private concierge services. Premium bank cards are accompanied by an army of luxury concierges ready to satisfy the most demanding customers. They are available 24/7 for requests in Paris, in the provinces and even abroad. Among these prestigious cards are VISA Infinite, World Elite from MasterCard and Centurion service from American Express. I was also part of the concierge of the latter before launching as a private concierge in Paris. To find out more about my career, click here.


Word-of-mouth to find the ideal private concierge in Paris.

The best way to choose your private concierge is to use your relationships. The most reputable concierges do not need to communicate. All of their missions come from a select network of satisfied customers. 

Ask your friends and colleagues about their Parisian experience, go and find opinions on the web and trust the recommendations of your network. 

You now have all the keys in hand to choose your private concierge in Paris with confidence. Find many tips to experience the Parisian spirit on the Double Hospitality blog.


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